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logo.jpgIn a graduate Creative Writing workshop at The City College of New York, two women stood out because of their innate ability to heal the wounded past of their childhoods through stories. That was in the mid 90's when Gladys E. Perez-Bashier and Ife Felix found in each other immense support for their written art and sparked the idea of Clique Calm Books, the publisher of emerging and established voices.

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Pam Laskin

Pamela L. Laskin is a teacher, walker, swimmer, and active reader. Many of her poems, short stories, and children's stories have been published in journals and magazines. CENTRAL STATION, her first book of poetry, was the winner of the Millennium Poetry Prize (Flesh & Bone Publications) and REMEMBERING FIREFLIES is her second book, published by Plain View Press. In addition, three poetry chapbooks, five picture books, and two young adult novels have been published. She was the featured writer for WORLD AUDIENCE No. 8. She recently edited, THE HEROIC YOUNG WOMAN, a collection of original fairy tales. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband Ira. Her children, Craig and Samantha, are away at school, completing their degrees.   

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The Heroic Young Woman
The Heroic Young Woman